The Vigilante Service of Ogun State is established to send crime and criminalities into extinction in Ogun State and its environs.

This security Outfit embarks on a community policing system which tackles the issue of insecurity in various communities in the State from its taproot.

Such a community policing strategy has been helpful for the fact that the officers and men of the Outfit are the son of the soil who know the terrain where they carry out their saddled security duty.

We escort people who fear social treat to their home. We deploy our securities in any social gathering. We compliment all law enforcement agencies in the state in curbing crime and criminalities, pray for God support, people cooperation to achieve this course.



At a particular point in time in Ogun State and its environs, crimes and criminality become the news of the day in different odd forms. Though, no one can dispute the fact that there will always be a crime in display, which implies some set of people in our various communities will choose to create an unfriendly atmosphere for others.

There is no doubt also that there will always be a set of people who will always be there for the rest of the people to ensure the security and safety of their lives as well as their property. Hence, known to be Vigilante personnel.


There was a security threat all over the state which ranged from kidnapping robbery, armed robbery, ritual killings, bank robbery, car snatching, bags snatching, cultism activities, raping, broad daylight robbery of all kinds etc.

Such an ugly incident created phobia in the minds of the people of Ogun State which led to the disruption of social and commercial activities in the state.

At a point in time, most banks closed down activities indefinitely because of the incessant broad daylight robbery and host of others.



Interestingly, some people of like minds from the three geo-political zones in Ogun State who have been providing security with their native background in hunting couple with high level of exposure came together to reason out the way forward to curb crimes and criminality and to establish a grassroots security  platform to reduce the above mentioned security challenge to a barest minimum . And this was designed to complement other security agencies in the state, to alleviate the people suffering on the part of the encountered security menace.

These in totality led to the formation of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) which was then proclaimed to be a proscribed security organization by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Thereafter, the administration of Senator Ibikunle Amosun CON, FCA in the year 2011 felt that the security of its people and their property in Ogun State is paramount to his government. But, because of the prescription of the name Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the group was not acceptable to him not until the group Exco members put their heads together and recoined the name to be what we are having today as Vigilante Service of Ogun State(VSO).

On Thursday 13th October 2011, the state government under the leadership of His Excellency Senator Ibikunle Amosun CON, FCA inaugurated the Vigilante Service of Ogun State as the only recognized grassroots security Outfit in the State. As at that time, the late Major Femi Bisiriyu(Rtrd)Rtrd was the State Commander while the public relations of the Outfit was Soji Ganzallo who was later appointed on May 12th. 2016 as the first State Government appointed State Commander of the Outfit.

The philosophy of establishing the Outfit is to compliment the Nigeria Police Force Ogun State Command’s effort in all their constitutional functions and other sisters security agencies in the state.


Ever since the state recognition of the Outfit couple with acceptance of the Nigeria Police Ogun State Command to work harmoniously with the Security Outfit because of their excellent performance in reducing security menace, the rate of crime drastically reduces.

Ogun State in the comity of States in the country today enjoys relative peace and opens the way for business investment as it now becomes economy nerves of the nation beacuse of the intact security it is known for.


  • To combat crimes and criminality
  • To transfer apprehended suspect(s) to the Nigeria Police, Ogun State Command for further investigation and likely prosecution.

To transfer apprehended suspect(s) to other sister security agencies according to their mandate.